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Fungiban Nail Fungus Treatment


Nail Cures .....

About half of all nail conditions are caused by nail fungus. There are countless nail cures that are claimed to be effective in curing nail fungus. We have personally tried numerous natural nail cures with varying degrees of success. Here is a list of remedies that I have tried and the outcome.

Oregano oil

Oregano is touted to be extremely anti fungal and cures nail fungus as well as other internal fungus conditions if taken orally. We have used oregano oil topically on my nails some years back. It was advised that a mixture of oregano and olive oil helps the oregano soak deep into the nail where nail fungus hides. To assist the oregano oil,the nails were filed down as close as possible to allow better penetration. Used a 3 to 1 ratio of oregano to olive oil for about a year. It seemed to kill some of the fungus and left a slightly green color in my nails. After a year, I finally gave up and tried something else.

Listerine Mouth Wash

Three of the ingredients in Listerine are anti fungal. Eucalyptol, a natural organic compound found in eucalyptus oil, Alcohol and Thymol. Thymol is derived from cumin and Thyme. I tried Listerine for about six months with some success. The nail fungus was not completely being killed especially in the outer part of the nail. After about six months of using listerine, I used a 50/50 mixture of Listerine and hydrogen peroxide. After about six months of soaking my feet in the mixture twice a day for about fifteen minutes, it was evident that this was not the total nail cure I thought it would be.


Some people have had success with vinegar as a nail cure, so I gave it a try. I used vinegar by itself for a few months with mixed results. I could see it was working a little, but I was getting similar results as the other remedies. So I mixed in a third of Listerine and a third of hydrogen peroxide. Still no complete success.

Vicks VapoRub

I gave up on the other remedies and tried Vicks VapoRub. I slathered on this greasy stuff 2-3 times a day. After a month or so, one of my nails came off. I continued to use the Vicks and noticed that parts of my nails were beginning to clear. As my nails grew out, the fungus also came back in the nails.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil seems to have very good success at curing nail fungus according to some people. I applied 100% tea tree oil to my toe nails to finally kill my nail fungus once and for all. After about three days, rashes developed on the skin around my nails and I experienced an intense itch. Ouch. So I read that Lavender oil mixed with the tea tree oil will reduce the harsh effects on the skin. I mixed 50/50 and still had the rashes. Then I used 3-to-1 with no rashes. After about two months treatment, I could tell that parts of the nail was still crumbling and not smooth. So even-though I did notice some success, this did not work for me.

Nonyx Nail Gel

I tried Nonyx after reading some glowing reviews from others who considered this among the best of nail cures. I filed my nails thin and applied this stuff for a few days. It is very hard to make sure that you don't get Nonyx on your skin around the nails. Regardless, my skin around the nails started burning, itching and turning red. This stuff is ethanoic acid and it started eating away at my skin around the nails. I kept on using it while being extremely careful not to allow Nonyx to touch the skin around the nail. After a few more days, it started to burn the skin UNDER the nails. So I quit using this harsh stuff.


Bleach is effective with killing fungus. I used a Q-Tip and put a small amount on my nails twice a day. After 3 or 4 days, the skin around my nails started peeling and my toes itched profusely. This stuff was much too harsh.

Lamisil Oral Prescription

I spoke with a podiatrist about Lamisil. He suggested that it may cause liver damage and I would need to have frequent liver function tests while using the product. He also said it would take about a year to work. I elected not to risk the health concerns with this treatment.

The Only Nail Fungus Treatment That Worked!

I gave up on the other "nail cures" and decided to try the new FungiBan. It was the only nail fungus treatment that has worked for me. After using this treatment for just over a month, I could see pink (normal) nails starting to grow from the base of the nail. After about three months, the pink healthy nails continued to grow. After 6 months, all but the tips of the nails were clear of the yellow, crumbly fungus. This stuff really worked without any of the harsh effects that I have experience with some of nail fungus remedies.

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