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Fungiban Nail Fungus Treatment


Using Listerine for nail fungus treatment .....

Listerine has been used by many as a treatment of nail fungus. Some have had success in treating the condition while others have not had such luck. The active ingredients that have anti-fungal properties Listerine Fungus Cureinclude eucalyptol, menthol, thymol and ethanol (alcohol). Listerine is an alternative treatment for those who prefer to avoid expensive prescription drugs, laser surgery or nail removal procedures. Also for thos who have not had success with the doctor prescribed methods. Also, this method has far fewer health risks as apposed to nail treatment prescription drugs.

The way to use listerine in nail fungus treatment is to soak the feet or fingers in listerine for 30 mintues per day. The subject may feel some slight discomfort as the alcohol soaks into the skin around the nails. Also, the skin will soften around the nails and the outer skin layers may peel off.

With the time and effort of using listerine, a better alternative may be some of the topical treatments like the Fungiban nail fungus treatment.


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