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Fungiban Nail Fungus Treatment


Hydrogen Peroxide and Toenail Fungus .....

Hydrogen Peroxide has many uses including a disinfectant, anticeptic, oxidizer, bleaching agent and even used as a component in rocket propellents. The concentration of a typical bottle purchased at a supermarket consists of around 3%. So if hydrogen peroxide is anti-fungal, can it cure nail fungus?

The fungus that eats the protein in the nail called keratin, can indeed be killed by hydrogen peroxide. This fungus thrives throuout the nail and also in the layers of skinhydrogen peroxide cures nail fungus under the nail known as the nail bed. The problem is getting the hydrogen peroxide solution to permeate the layers of the nail down to the nail bed. Soaking the feet or applying the solution with a cotton ball on the nail until it dries does not typically allow the solution to reach the nail bed where the fungus thrives. Some have claimed to have successfully cured nail fungus with this solution, but considerable time and effort is involved multiple times per day to allow the solution to soak into the nails. Another logical method would be to add carrier oils that could carry the solution into the nail, but since hydrogen peroxide is a water base, it does not mix well with oils.

There are easier methods of curing nail fungus. The best products on the market include potent anti-fungal agents along with other compounds that carry the solution through the nails and to the nail bed. One of these products is FungiBan. FungiBan is an effective nail fungus treatment that is also inexpensive.

Follow this link to review my personal experience using hydrogen peroxide to cure nail fungus.

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